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P4P Impacts on Hafuswa and Family
P1010051.JPGTwenty eight year old mother of 10HafuswaSaafiis a member of Mamba Multipurposefarmers grouplocated in Nabijingo village in Bulidha Sub county Bugiri district.
“I used to admire those people who belonged to groups and the fact that they lived better lives than mine” .
“Inow feel so relieved of many problems thanks to Purchase for Progress (P4P)”
Hafuswa could not raise school fees for her ten children let alone providing them with the basic necessities. For a long time,she had seen people forming groups but never got the courage to join one for fear of exposing her problems in public but her poor leaving conditions prompted her to take a step and join her friends who were already saving with this group.  Before joining this group, she would grow crops of poor quality and low yield but from the time they started receiving support from ORDS P4P intervention on the best practices, my crop yield keeps improving and increasing each season that goes by. Instead of the 200kgs she would previously get from 1 acre, she is now able to get 1000kgs which is five times more and yet there is still room for getting more.  
She later convinced her husband to join the group with hopes on improving and increasing on their family savings. Together they have acquired more property for themselves, for example a motorcycle after getting a loan from their group which is used for bodaboda services in Nabijingo trading centre, bought a plot of land and built a home in Nabijingo trading centre.
Instead of selling off my maize atcheap prices, all I have to do is bring the maize here at the group stores and am given money for school fees and my problem is solved”
Hafuswa’s future plan is to educate her children up to higher levels of education so that they are in position to getbetter skills so that they don’t go through what shehas been going through as a mother.


NamayindeLovisa slowly emergesfrom a sad background to a successful humble land lord
P1010068.JPGNamayindeLovisa38, fell out with her husband after failing to give birth to children, something which her husband could not accommodate leaving her with no option but to return back  to her father’s home where she was welcomed with open hands. After her father passing way, she inherited the father’sland. She took over a lot of responsibilities since then and did a lot of digging to support all the people previously under her father’s care.
“Much as I was a hard working person even before 2010, I used not to benefit from my sweat at all. I would sell off my produce but had nowhere to keep my money and a number of people would borrow money from me but never pay back leaving me a frustrated woman”.
When James Babalandaapproached in her in 2010 with an idea of forming a group, she kind of hesitated for fear that her money would again be mishandled but decided to join anyway. To her surprise, Lovisa was elected the group chairperson, a position she still holds up to date. She attributes this to her being faithful and hard working, always being able to bring her people back together to their initiative. These people trust her so much and commands respect in the whole communityeven though she is not a married woman.  
“After one year,I got 85,000 as savings which I used to buy a goat and its kid. At the end of 2012, my savings increased to 300,000 which I used to buy bricks and sand to complete my house recently. It is this same house which is now acting as half group store and half group offices.”
On the side of farming, when her group received training from P4P by ORDs  Namayindewas very keen and made sure she attended all the trainings and fully applied the knowledge in her garden and instead of the 7bags (700kg) from 3 acres she used to get previously, she now harvests between 20-25 bags (2,000 to 2,500kg)from 2acres which she bulks at the group store. She also acknowledges that with income from the maize sales, she is directly contributing to the health and school fees of 3 children under her care.
As a land lord, she will be getting income from renting out her house to the group for office and store space and from this income,Lovisa plans to put up a restaurant in Nabijigo trading center thus earn daily income from the eat out throughout the year hence increase on her income and savings from the maize.
A dream come true- from a small grass thatched house to a 2 roomed permanent iron roofed house
Moses Musota had not imagined himself owning a permanent house any time soon after all, everyone around had grass thatched houses. The 30 year old father of 3 is a resident of Bukudulu village,BulidhaSub County in Bugiri district who was living a peasant life having grown up in a peasant background.
In 2008, Moses decided to join IFMAPbecause he thought that if he joined this group, life would become a little bit easier and indeed he was right. This group again subscribed to Bugiri Agribusiness Development and Institutional Development Association (BAIDA), an association that has been benefiting under P4P support since 2010.  Members of this farmer association receive agriculture support from different agriculture related agencies which is mainly inform of trainings on how to improve on their crop produce. This is what mainly pulled Moses’ attention, thus prompting him to put in more effort with the knowledge acquired, lifting him from 5 bags (500kg) of maize from 2 acres to 25 bags (2,500kg) using the same space.
Moses acknowledges that the training which they received in 2012 in his group under P4P has contributed a lot to him and his group positively, in that, he managed to buy a plot of land for settlement, built a better house instead of the old licking grass thatched hat. He sold off his maize and bought 2,000 bricks at Shs. 100,000, and 13 iron sheets which helped him complete construction of his new house.


He got a cow from Heifer after he was identified as a very hard working man from which he gets 13,000 as daily income from the 13 litres sold every day and 2 litres he lives at home for consumption. 
The immediate benefit to his house hold is improved quality of food eaten since he now harvests enough for home consumption and surplus for sale, he does not borrow money any more since his income from maize and milk sales is enough for his family and educating their 1st born, a daughter, in nursery school.

Among the challenge he faces are; over lapping seasons which affect the crops and the high costs of transporting his maize to BAIDA for bulkingplus the PHH equipment to his home in Bukudulu from Nankoma.
Moses’ future plan is to have his own harvesting equipment, so as to ease his work and also hire to neighbours during the peak of postharvest handling when all members need to access the PHH equipment.

Mr.IsaIsiikonoLonger Calls his Visitorsa Problem, ThankstoWFP-P4P
Isa Isiiko was apoorman with a leaking grass thatched house. He would try to grow crops but they would be affected by Kayogo(striga, a common weed). His children would not access good education thus prompting him to join this group in 2010. His income started growing and he would invest his sawing in charcoal starting with 20,000 butnow stocks for 200,000 thousand. After the P4P training his produce shifted from 50kgs to 500kgs in per acre. He says that as time goes on, this will improve as most of thisisused to feed his family. Healso built a3roomed house and shifted from thegrass thatched house seen in the background.








”I no longer look at visitors as a problem because my group savings are enough to solve all these small problems”. He started with Ushs. 5,000 savings but now has Ushs. 300,000 on account.
Isa’s futureplan is to buy more land since he seats on inherited land as this will increase acrage and in turn help increase on his land for cultivation
He is grateful to ORDs for having given them thebest farming practices and hope that their group will also be able to give them PHH equipment.



Saving Culture and Good Use of Knowledge given by ORDS to Bulidha sub-county residents made Batambuze Peter Buy Land and also become a proudy owner of a Saloon


At 32 years of age, Batambuze Peter is a father of 4 children who previously lived a struggling life together with his family on rented land. Much as he used to grow beans and maize, he lived his life in debts. He would borrow money to run his family and by harvesting time, the crop produce was always poor and of low yield thus leaving him with nothing after paying off the debts
His friend from the neighborhood encouraged him to join their group in 2010. ”Our biggest challenge then, was lack of knowledge on group dynamics, savings and credit management and luckily, this is when ORDs came in June 2010 to help us with trainings under P4P support”.  Things went on improving in their group and together with him as a member. He was now able to borrow money from Mamba Multipurpose group savings instead of borrowing from different farmer stores in return for his harvested grains.

At the end of the year, Batambuzeharvested 1,500kg of maize from 2 acres and 2,500 kg at the end of 2011 and realized big changes in the levels of maize production shooting to 3,200kg in 2012.  He was so happy with this positive change in his life thanks to the best farming practices under P4P. 

After bulking his maize at the group stores together with other members, his 3,000 kgs got sold off at Shs. 610 and fetched him Shs. 1,830,000.
Batambuze decided to buy 3 acres of land instead of renting with his family. Back at home, the conditions have changed. He now built another 2 roomed house instead of a round grass thatched. From the remaining savings, Batambuze put up a saloon for men in the area where he gets daily income and can always borrow money from the group VSLA to invest in his farm and saloon. This saving culture has greatly helped him and improved his standards of leaving as compared to just eating everything.

However, there are still some challenges with post harvest handling since there is only one maize Sheller and 1 mill in the whole sub county of Bulidha. Some of the farmers in the area still use rudimentary methods of farming which makes work tiresome since not all of them can access the PHH equipment. He therefore requests ORDS to help them and bring the Post harvest handling equipment closer to Nabijingo.

From a White Colar Jobin Townto Agriculture in the Village, the story of Mr. Moses Makaka, Secretary for BAIDA
Makaka Moses was working at the Owen falls Dam in Jinja until the year 2000 when he lost his job during the restructuring process. He tried to look for other jobs around Jinja so as to be able to support his family but life was not easy. The only job he got was at the Marine and Gomba fishing industry, also in Jinja, where he was to be paid Shs. 90,000.However, Moses quickly realized that this money was not enough to sustain his family in a rented house plus school fees for his 5 children.
It is this situation that forced Moses to retreat to his home village and start a new life with his family in Nankoma. He started farming and would spend all day in the garden, something which worried his mother so much, thinking that her son was just pretending to go digging but would one day commit suicide out of frustration because no one ever expected him to dig.
In 2003, he joined Nankoma Producers Organisation (NAPRO). And while there, he received a lot of trainings from agriculture oriented organizations. While there, NAPRO become a member of BAIDA where he was elected as one of the top executives. From then on, his production levels have been improving year after year from 8bags in 1 acre to 20 bags (2,000kg). He has been able to acquire 8 acres of land, 5 of which has put aside for maize production alone, 2 acres for cassava and 1 acre for ground nuts. The support received from the P4P initiative through BAIDA have helped a great deal in improving and increasing on the quality and quantity of his crop yield from 7,000kg to 10,000kg which earns him 4.2m as income per harvest.
Among his achievements, Makakais able to educate his 1st born daughter at Jinja nursing school in Jinja, two sons at Busoga College and one in P.3 at Equator Junior school in Bugiri. He has bought two plots of land in Nankoma town and is very known in and around the village.
‘Being a member of BAIDA has helped me increase access to PHH equipment, seeds of good quality, easy access to markets, market information plus trainings’.He adds on that if they can access a maize mill and turn maize into flour it would be better since a kilo of high quality maize flour in the area is Shs. 1800 against Shs. 600 price for 1 kilo of maize grain.
Some of his challenges still are; transporting the harvested grain to home is very expensive, then from home to market for saleplus the ever emerging striga weed (Kayongo) and the cost of buying fertilizers.
Makaka’s futureplan is to become an established agricultural stockiest (an agro-dealer) in Nankoma sub county. He acknowledges that through the support his group receives from ORDs P4P they have benefited a lot especially the Post Harvest Handling equipment which are now 9 sets and are able to generate income from the non members who seek such services and this money is used to maintain the equipments throughout to make their use sustainable.


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